The Blissful Brain - Mindfulness and Meditation workshop

The Art and Science of Mindfulness and Meditation

Meditation Workshop Birmingham

The Art and Science of Mindfulness & Meditation workshop – The Blissful Brain

at Newland House, Edgbaston, Birmingham

On Sunday 26th February 2017, 9 30am to 4 00 pm

Cost £20 including vegetarian buffet lunch and all refreshments

*SORRY the workshop is now FULLY BOOKED.

This workshop will be an exploration of the Science and Practice of Mindfulness and Meditation.

At this workshop we shall:

  • Explore a few various types of mindfulness and meditation practices practised throughout the different cultures of the world
  • The Blissful Brain - Mindfulness and Meditation workshopLook at the differences in types of meditation related to levels of awareness
  • Look at how the brain seems to be pre-wired to enable and benefit from the practice of meditation as discovered from recent studies in neuroscience
  • Look at the effect meditation has had on long term mantra based  meditators
  • Look at the effect meditation has on health in general
  • Explore the spiritual/psychological reasons to practice meditation
  • We will also practise a few different types of mindfulness and meditation practices throughout the day

The practices will include:

  • a mindful awareness exercise
  • a spoken guided meditation
  • and a simple Indian breath/sound (mantra) based technique



This workshop is being delivered and led by David Nock who:

  • has been studying practical philosophy for 33 years
  • practicing mantra based meditation for 38 years
  • studied various other types of meditation practices
  • and has a keen interest in the positive effect meditation has on humanity

David has run this workshop quite a few times now and it is always a peaceful, stilling and enjoyable experience.


School of Philosophy Midlands, Newland House, 137-139 Hagley Road, Birmingham B16 8UA


9.00am For refreshments, tea, coffee and biscuits

9:30am-4.00pm Workshop start and finish times

Sunday February 26, 2014.


The cost is £20 for the day and will include refreshments and a full beautiful vegetarian buffet lunch.

If you have any questions in advance please feel free to call 0121 454 2540.


Sorry the workshop is now fully booked
The Next Steps Workshop Birmingham

The Next Step – from Theory to Reality

‘The Next Step’ Workshop – from Theory to Reality

at Newland House, Edgbaston, Birmingham

On Sunday 12th February 2017, 9 30am to 4 00 pm

Cost £20 including vegetarian buffet lunch and all refreshments

Our lives are in constant flux and movement, with very little peace. Society and the world in general is full of agitation, confusion and fear.

During our time in the school we have been provided with some very useful tools to bring our own inner world to a more peaceful and steady condition.

The question to ask ourselves is what is behind this world of constant movement?

The day will provide the opportunity to explore what is behind this ever-changing scenery by practising becoming still and realising (making real) our true nature.

The approach will be very easy and relaxed as we take guidance from the wise with regards to some of the following subjects:-

  • Observing the world of the senses
  • Observing the inner world
  • Discrimination
  • Letting go
  • The ever present, present moment.

We shall use some very practical exercises and discerning reason to turn theory into reality.

The workshop is on Sunday 12th February (please note that this workshop replaces the one previously advertised as 5th February). The School will be open from 9am for coffee, tea and biscuits with the workshop starting at 9:30am and finishes at approximately 4pm. The tutor for the day will be Stephen Davy.

The cost for the day to include all refreshments including a beautiful vegetarian lunch is £20.

The effect of a day like this is always light, peaceful and uplifting and it is a marvellous opportunity to practice philosophy.


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Please note this workshop is designed for present members, from part 2 (Happiness) and above