About The School of Philosophy

We are the School of Philosophy Midlands, a regional branch of the School of Philosophy and Economic Science, we offer Practical Philosophy classes at our philosophy centre in Birmingham.

The School is a registered educational charity, founded in 1937, whose principal object is to promote the study of natural laws governing relations in human society.

Our aim is to help individuals lead a fuller, richer and more useful life whilst evolving the spiritual aspect of their being in accordance with natural laws.

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The core teaching of the School of Philosophy Midlands and all the other branches of the School of Philosophy and Economic Science is the philosophy of Advaita.


Advaita is a term from the Sanskrit language coined by the 7th century Indian sage Shankara that means; non-dual, not-two, i.e. one, unity. Advaita is a ‘golden thread’ that runs through most of the worlds major wisdom traditions. For instance, in Buddhism it is expressed as Zen, in Judaism it is found in the teaching of the Cabalah, it is found in Gnostic Christianity from the works of the early desert fathers and medieval mystics. In Islam it is Sufism, in Taoism it is the Tao itself, in the Indian tradition where it expressed most profoundly it is the philosophy of Vedanta. It can also be found implicitly in Plato, the American Transcendentalists movement and from relatively contemporary teachers like Alan Watts and Eckhart Tolle.


For a few very succinct biographies of some of the philosophers that inform some of the idea’s presented in the School’s philosophy courses click here.

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