David Triggs - The Taxing Question of Land workshop

Economics workshop – The Taxing Question of Land David Triggs – 13 October 2013

David Triggs is travelling up from London to hold an Economics workshop at Newlands House.

David Triggs - The Taxing Question of Land workshopWHERE?

Newlands House, 137-139 Hagley Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham, B16 8UA

Telephone: 0121 454 2540


Sunday 13 October 2013

Time: 10:00am Registration. Workshop 10:30am – 4:00pm

Cost: £20 (lunch is included).


The day will be devoted to an examination of the philosophical background, and practical implications of propositions made in a new 30 minute film ‘The Taxing Question of Land’.

David Triggs - Taxing question of land (economics with justice)The School, along with the Henry George Foundation of Great Britain and others, commissioned the film and David Triggs provided much of the background material that is illustrated in it.

Following an introduction and the showing of the film David will provide an initial response to questions, comments and observations from the audience in relation to the changes in fiscal (tax) policy that are advocated in the film.

In later sessions David will discuss these and other problems including employment, housing, debt, trade, public services, monopoly and money.

He will relate these issues to the fundamental principles of political economy that Henry George identified and which were such and inspiration to the founders of the School of Philosophy and Economic Science.

These principles will include consideration of:

  • The significance of Natural Law
  • The Ethical Basis for economic life
  • The Factors of Production
  • The types, sources and measures of Economic Value
  • Property (private, public and common)

The day should provide much food for thought and an interesting challenge for those who would seek to secure a social environment that is more conducive to the physical, mental and spiritual welfare of people and the planet than currently seems in prospect.


David Triggs is a Chartered Engineer and Management Consultant by profession, David studied Engineering at Imperial College London, and Business Administration and Management at Henley -The Management College.

For more than forty years he specialised in water and environmental management working throughout the UK and world wide – mainly in developing countries on both small village projects and mega projects in capital cities.

A member of the School of Philosophy and Economic Science in London for more than fifty years and inspired by the ideas of Henry George. David has studied and taught Political Economy for a similar period and is currently Chairman of The Henry George Foundation of Great Britain.

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