‘The Next Step’ Workshop – The need for steadiness

For students from part 4 (Presence of Mind) onwards and any ex-students that have studied with the school to the second year and above

at Newland House, Edgbaston, Birmingham
On Sunday 3rd June 2018, 9 30am to 4 00 pm

Cost £22 including vegetarian buffet lunch and all refreshments

The universe is an expansion of energy and in a constant state of flux, (Professor Stephen Hawking’s final theory was that the universe is an hologram) everything within creation changes and unless we avail ourselves of inner stillness and our true nature we will be forever subjected to the ever changing physical and subtle movements in the creation.

Part 1, week 1 we were introduced to the “exercise” and this was followed a little later by the “pause”. The need to become still and experience our eternal ever present nature is not always appreciated, particularly in the fast-moving society and environment around us.

The day will provide us with the opportunity to continue further the enquiry into our true nature by discussing and reflecting upon what the wise say about the need for inner stillness and steadiness.

The programme for the day is:-
09:00 – enrol and tea/coffee
09:30 – explore & discuss material on the need to “steady” the mind
10:30 – tea/ coffee
10:50 – some practical exercises to remain still whilst “acting”
12:10 – all meet to discuss observations etc
12:45 – vegetarian lunch
13:45 – further enquiry and discourse
15:00 – afternoon tea
15:15 – meet to review day
15:45 – 16:00 depart

The cost for the day, including vegetarian lunch is £22 and all refreshments.

Please bear in mind that although these workshops are obviously optional they are also part of the course from the point of view of Self-discovery and spiritual growth, so I can only encourage you to take advantage of these unique, transforming and blissful days. The day will be run by Steve Davy & Darren Wagstaff.

The effect of a day like this is always light, peaceful and uplifting and it is a marvellous opportunity to practice philosophy.


To reserve your place on this workshop enrol below.

Please note this workshop is designed for present members, from part 4 (Presence of Mind) onwards and ex-students that have studied in the school to the second year and above.