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This popular non-academic course draws on sources of wisdom from East and West, past and present. The aim is to offer a practical means to discover fully who we are, how we relate to the world we live in and what gets in the way of being happy, peaceful and free.

Practical Philosophy Online Course

The ten weekly sessions explore central human questions through discussion, practical observation, conversation and reflection in good company.

All that is needed is an open and enquiring mind.

Themes included in the course

  • Relevance of philosophy to today’s world
  • The importance of observation and stillness
  • The spirit of enquiry
  • Living in the present moment
  • Different levels of awareness
  • Acting with wisdom and justice
  • What changes our states of mind and emotions?
  • Basic questions: Who am I? Where am I?
  • What, in essence, is human nature?
  • The nature of beauty and reason
  • States of attention and personal freedom

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