About our courses

Innovative and stimulating approaches to philosophy

The courses treat philosophy as a personal and practical attitude to life and its opportunities. This in turn enables people to deepen and develop an understanding of life and oneself.

These are not academic courses as may be found in a university, as they aim to be intensely practical and based upon experience.

The philosophical themes explored arise from such questions as: What is wisdom? What am I? What is this world around me? What is my purpose in the world? Is there a truth? What is beauty? How can I find greater vitality and satisfaction in life? How can I live more in the present moment?


Practical Philosophy Online Course

The school has found that exploring the inner life and making it practical for daily living requires a method of cultivating inner stillness and peace. For this purpose students are introduced to a mindfulness exercise from week one and are then offered an introduction to the practice of meditation after a few terms of study of philosophy. Thereafter the regular practice of meditation is central to the study and practice of philosophy.

The school provides for students to continue their studies for as long as they wish, viewing philosophy in particular, as a life long study with practical applications and implications at all stages of life.

Because the courses are intended for people with normal working and family lives, the school’s courses are based on evening classes offered on a weekly basis. These are all supported by weekend activities with weekend and week-long residential seminars being available to students who have studied in the school for some time.


10 week practical philosophy course edgbaston birmingham
practical philosophy course Friends Meeting House Edgbaston Birmingham