Life with Marsilio Ficino Workshop

A one-day seminar



School of Philosophy Midlands, Newland House, 137-139 Hagley Road, Birmingham B16 8UA


10.00am-4.00pm, Sunday November 3, 2013.


The seminar will show why it is good to know more about Marsilio Ficino and the guidance he offers for day-today living. Participants will have the opportunity of hearing what Ficino says:

  • on health (he was a physician),
  • on religion (he was a priest),
  • on virtues such as patience and tolerance (he was adviser to the Medici rulers),
  • on harmony (he was a musician),
  • and on the right use of time and the importance of the present moment (he was a philosopher).


The seminar will be led by Arthur and Phyllis Farndell, who have worked on the translations of Ficino’s letters for some 40 years, helping to produce the nine published volumes.


Arthur, who holds an MA degree in languages from the University of Cambridge, was the editor of Volume 9.

He has also produced his own 4-volume series of translations of Ficino’s commentaries on Platonic dialogues. Phyllis and Arthur have presented Ficino and his work in various parts of the UK, as well as in Italy, Malta, Greece, and Australia.

All are welcome.

Cost: £20 (lunch is included).