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Courses in practical wisdom for everyday living (courses now available in Edgbaston Birmingham).

NOTE: Face-to-face meetings will be held safely following all COVID-19 guidelines for your complete peace of mind.

Explore practical Wisdom, Knowledge & Happiness

The aim of philosophy is to set people free; free from pressure, free from worry; free to grow, free to be yourself. The introductory philosophy course, entitled ‘Wisdom’, is currently available as a live face to face course. The course is £60 for the 10 weeks, but as a special Introductory Offer – you will be able to register for the course for only £10 (for the full 10 weeks – nothing extra to pay).


practical philosophy course Birmingham

This ten session course of Practical Philosophy, entitled ‘Wisdom’, looks at life and its meaning, the world and its causes.

It considers:

  • What holds us back?
  • What sets us free?
  • And how Happiness is naturally obtained through Wisdom.

Based on the classic philosophies of both East and West, it invites students to see life as a place to test the words of the wise through practical and mindful exercises.

Practical philosophy Birmingham


The next course will run for 10 consecutive weeks on a Wednesday, starting:

  • Wednesday, 19th January 2022.

NOTE: The courses will be delivered at Quaker Meeting House, the corner of George Rd & St James Rd, Edgbaston, Birmingham B15 1JP. (LIMITED SPACES). (Sorry the Sept course is full)


Sorry the September 2021 course is now closed for enrolment, but the January 2022 course will open for enrolments in advance. The 10 week introductory courses over the past couple of years have tended to become fully enrolled in advance of the start date, we do only have limited spaces as we aim to keep each class limited to 20 online students per class. To avoid disappointment, it is recommended to register for the next course in advance so that you know your space has been reserved.

The Course

The course provides an understanding of what a naturally balanced life is like, and offers practical steps to achieve this for oneself including an introduction to a mindfulness awareness exercise in week one.

In the company of like minded people, the introductory course in Practical Philosophy caters for all those that feel the need of a systematic way to enjoy a meaningful life, whatever their background, beliefs, education or gender.

What Students Say…

Quotes from recent Practical Philosophy students …..


“Thank you so much to my tutor for the wonderful classes that you have taken.
My whole life has transformed since joining the course. I feel a much better person and that is all credit to you and the way you conduct the class and encourage its members.”


“This course ‘woke me up’, particularly to the present moment. Learning to use the ‘full stop’ between daily events and pausing, rather than everything running in to one continuum”


“I have thoroughly enjoyed this course. It has been very practical and has given me lots of tools and exercises to use in my daily life. Coming back each week and feeding back to the group has reinforced what I have learned and given me extra pointers”.

Philosophy course Birmingham West MidlandsNext Term

For next term as a Gift of Wisdom & Happiness you can enrol on the 10 week online course for a single one-off £10.

For those that wish to continue with these courses there is a three year foundation level series of courses available. Each of these courses are approached in a practical manner and will include simple practical tools, including the introduction to a mindfulness exercise.

For those students that wish it, in later terms the opportunity to take up mantra meditation is also made available. Meditation is a central practice in regaining inner stillness and confidence.

practical philosophy course birmingham gift of widom

Some of the themes we’ll cover in the Introductory course

The Wisdom Within

Philosophy means the love of wisdom. Our course is intended to show how philosophy may help us enjoy richer, less stressful and more useful lives.

Know Thyself

Who am I, really? My body? My emotions? We look at practical ways to explore who we really are and how to tap our true potential.

Living Justly

According to Plato, justice and injustice do not start ‘out there’. They begin within ourselves. We discuss the practicality of Plato’s ideas on justice in our daily lives.

The Present Moment

We review our own experience of attention through a model featuring attention centred, captured, open and scattered.