The Bliss Workshop

For students from part 4 (Presence of Mind) onwards and any ex-students that have studied with the school to the second year and above

at Third Floor, PO Box 7599, Stourbridge DY8 9JB
On Sunday 10th February 2019, 9 30am to 4 00 pm

Cost £25 including vegetarian buffet lunch and all refreshments

Throughout the ages, across different cultures and philosophical traditions, there has been much said about Bliss. In Sanskrit this Bliss is called Ananda.

The wise say that our true nature is known as Truth, Consciousness and Bliss. And that everything is born out of Bliss, sustained by Bliss and will eventually dissolve back into Bliss.

But what is this Bliss that is being referred to? And if everything is born from it where does misery & suffering come from?

So throughout the day we will discuss and explore:

  • What is Bliss?
  • If everything is sustained by Bliss, why does there appear to be so much misery and suffering
  • What is practically needed to discover this Bliss
  • What is the individuals relationship to Bliss
  • How is Bliss discovered in everyday activities
  • How can we step free of the tyranny of misery and suffering

The day will contain practical elements to help us in our discovery of answers to these questions.

We shall:

  1. Practice a mindfulness and fine attention exercise both in stillness and movement.
  2. Practice a refined listening and sounding exercise through the use of primordial Sanskrit vowel sounds – This can be a very relaxing and healing experience.

These are useful exercises for bringing the attention fully into the present moment and discovering the true nature of bliss, both during the workshop and after it.

The day will begin at 9am for coffee and registration, the workshop will start at 9:30am and finish at approximately 4pm. The cost is £25 with a beautiful vegetarian buffet and all refreshments included.

I look forward to spending a warm, friendly, peaceful and (hopefully) enlightening day with you.

Darren Wagstaff & Steve Davy


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Please note this workshop is designed for present members, from part 4 (Presence of Mind) onwards and ex-students that have studied in the school to the second year and above.