Geoffrey Pearce - Vedic AstrologyIntroduction to Vedic Astrology

Tutored by Geoffrey Pearce, a Council Member of the British Association for Vedic Astrology, and a member of the London School of Philosophy and Economic Science.

This course is now only for current students. Ask for more details.

Vedic Astrology Course BirminghamVedic Astrology is a branch of the Vedas – the sacred knowledge of India, and is called Jyotish ShastraScience of Light.

It is vastly different from popular modern astrology that relies heavily on psychology and is derided by many people. Indeed it is thought to be the original science dating back to about 7000BC.

From Jyotish, we can accurately learn about our health, wealth, career and relationships; our mental and spiritual aptitudes; and the timing of important events in our life. As a spiritual science its purpose is to take us beyond the limited view of ourselves and help us to recognise and understand universal forces that operate through our being.

In this course, which will require more than one term to complete, we will cover:

• The philosophical and spiritual principles

• The use of Astronomy for creating a natal chart of a person

• How nine planets appear to influence us for good or ill

• The qualities of the twelve signs of the zodiac

• Twelve compartments or our life where the planets may act

• Method for ascertaining the time of important events

• Basic principles on how to interpret a natal chart

• Tools for dealing with difficult problems we experience

The course is open to current students of that have already completed the 2013 term of Vedic Astrology.