‘What is Self-Realisation?’ Workshop

For students from part 4 (Presence of Mind) onwards and any ex-students that have studied with the school to the second year and above

at Third Floor, PO Box 7599, Stourbridge DY8 9JB
On Sunday 26th January 2020, 9 30am to 4 00 pm

Cost £25 including vegetarian buffet lunch and all refreshments

There may be a few, but most of us hadn’t heard of the expression “Self-Realisation” prior to joining school. It’s not an everyday expression.

What is self-realisationIf you conduct a “google” search, there are a number of explanations of Self-Realisation, but in essence they all say the same thing – “fulfilment of one’s own potential”

So, what is our full potential? What is Self-Realisation? Are they the same? and What are the main obstacles to realising our true full potential?

We shall explore what our understanding of Self-Realisation is together and take guidance from the wise on the matter. i.e. the Self-Realised

In line with the school’s approach, this will be a light but practical day with plenty of opportunity to put what we already know and anything new into practise.

9:00 – enrol and tea/coffee

09:30 – opening discussion to explore our understanding of Self-Realisation

10:30 – tea/coffee

10:50 – practical exercise’s and observations

12:10 – all meet to discuss observations etc

12:45 – vegetarian lunch

13:45 – further enquiry and discourse

15:00 – afternoon tea

15:15 – meet to review day

15:45 – 16:00 depart

The cost for the day, including vegetarian lunch is £25 and all refreshments.

Please bear in mind that although these workshops are obviously optional they are also part of the course from the point of view of Self-discovery and spiritual growth, so I can only encourage you to take advantage of these unique, transforming and blissful days. The day will be run by Steve Davy.

The effect of a day like this is always light, peaceful and uplifting and it is a marvellous opportunity to practice philosophy.


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Please note this workshop is designed for present members, from part 4 (Presence of Mind) onwards and ex-students that have studied in the school to the second year and above.